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2019 HTC Poly Outdoor Furniture

Eyes On Him Marketing

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Kaeser & Blair 2019 BEST BUYS digital catalog

Eyes On Him Marketing

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Mike’s Business Addiction: Zoom

Do you Zoom?  There are a lot of people I do business with on a regular basis and they know […]

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Mike’s Business Addiction: DIY vs. Hiring – Financial Advisor

Do you have a financial advisor?  Do you need one?  There are a variety of ways to manage your money […]

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Mike’s Business Addiction: Holiday

Today is a holiday.  Are you working? Most business addicts would say yes because well, we’re addicted.  Is this the […]

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Mike’s Business Addiction: Community

What do you define as your community? This is surprisingly a very subjective word.  Some people may consider their community […]

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Mike’s Business Addiction: Respect

Respect is incredibly important to people.  It’s been a common topic in literature, music (prayers for Aretha Franklin’s family!) and […]

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graphic designer

Mike’s Business Addiction: DIY vs. Hiring – Graphic Designer

Business Addicts need graphic design work on a regular basis if they plan on keeping their image fresh.  In order […]

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Mike’s Business Addiction: Asana

Greetings Asana Addicts! Once per month, I plan on highlighting a tool through this blog.  This month, we’re looking at […]

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Mike’s Business Addiction: Patience

Greetings my fellow business addicts hopefully not lacking patience! Are you familiar with the 4 P’s of marketing? If you’re […]

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